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For the Athlete
Acupuncture, a therapy ideally suited to athletes

Whether for injury or to help the athlete manage health and performance, acupuncture is an ideal therapy.


Acupuncture can:

  • heal acute and chronic injuries;

  • decrease pain and inflammation, ;

  • promote faster healing process; and

  • improve functional  structures


For Chinese medicine, pain most often appears because of stagnation and stasis.


Following trauma or repetitive joint usage, Qi and blood may no longer circulate normally. The goal is then to promote proper movement again, by circulating Qi and activating blood, to eliminate stagnation and stasis.

Through a detailed analysis of pain characteristics, its location, and a meticulous examination of the meridians, I can choose the most suitable treatment, so that your recovery is fast and optimal. With acupuncture I can act remotely to the site of the injury, decreasing the risk of aggravating it or generating additional pain and inflammation.

Unlike drugs, acupuncture generally has no side effects. This situation is particularly beneficial for professional athletes, or amateurs, for whom recovery time is paramount and where any side effect of a drug can affect training, performance, and even compliance with anti-doping regulations.

Contact me to find out how I can help you.

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